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You may have seen the recent headlines that AI, cyber security and data science are emerging areas of importance in the UK. From working directly with the employers in our consortium we know that companies are finding it difficult to find people who have the right skills in these areas.


Automation, robotics and the use of sophisticated computer software and programs characterise a career in artificial intelligence (AI).  You can build a career in AI in a variety of settings, including private companies, public organisations, education, the arts, healthcare and government. The UK’s Office for Artificial Intelligence provides more information about AI and its applications for their website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/understanding-artificial-intelligence/a-guide-to-using-artificial-intelligence-in-the-public-sector#understanding-artificial-intelligence

Cyber security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre defines cyber security as the way individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyber attack. Cyber security’s core function is to protect the devices we all use (smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers), and the services we access – both online and at work – from theft or damage. Individuals employed in the field of cyber security can support individuals, small, medium and large companies, the public sector and governments. This is a growing field as we are seeing the real and reputational cost of cyber attacks and data breach soar to an all-time high.

Data science

Organisations are creating more data every day, yet most are struggling to benefit from it. Key employers in the UK like IBM need people with experience in data science, and not just for their IT department. Data science skills will allow you to take a business problem or question and develop a data model to answer the question. With data science skills, you will be a core member of any team.

How to find courses

To find courses on these specialist topics, you can use our online course catalogue. To use the catalogue, enter the subject that you are interested in studying (for example, AI, data science or cyber security) in the search bar at the top of this page. If the IoC’s partners currently have courses on those topics, they will be returned in the search. You can further refine your search using the filters on the left side of the search results page. This will allow you to choose courses that fit your location, lifestyle and budget.

Below are some examples of courses matching the subjects in this article.

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Face to face

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Provided by:
Aston University

Accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS), this course will prepare you for a successful career in an exciting and…

Face to face

MSc Data Science (part-time)

Provided by:

You will gain a broad knowledge of computing and acquire programming and data analysis skills, as well as comprehensive, practical…

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