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The success of the UK tech sector has created a huge demand for people with digital skills. However, this talent pool won’t miraculously appear overnight. Which is why we’re bringing together businesses, outreach organisations and educators to actively build a new digital workforce.

</A partnership for digital transformation>

We bring industry, government, higher education and outreach partners together to create new courses, develop existing skills and provide support that attracts fresh talent into digital careers. We empower organisations to bridge the digital skills gap. Working with our partners, we are determined to break down the barriers that discourage people from tech education and careers. We provide different ways to access digital education and design events, courses and training that suit the lifestyle of learners.

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</Industry partners>

Multinational or SME, we value input from a wide variety of business partners that helps us shape new courses and relevant support.

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</Education partners>

Across the UK, computer science departments, business schools, leaders in online learning and art and design, have seen the value of creating new learning opportunities.

</Outreach partners>

We’re helping people from a wide range of backgrounds gain employment by developing their digital skills.

</Get involved>

Work with us. You’ll be joining the largest national collaboration of universities, businesses and outreach partners focused on digital skills training. Together, we’re creating new learning experiences that fuse the best of the tried and tested with exciting new ideas from the world of education.

How can you help us build a new digital workforce?

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Connect with digital talent and recruit new employees through our network of universities and industry links.

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Boost your digital career prospects by studying with us online, on campus or even at work.

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Develop business focused courses with our network of universities that prepare your students for the digital economy.

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</Outreach Partners>

Work with us to give everyone the opportunity to develop digital skills and kickstart their digital career.

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</Discover IoC Courses>

Whether you’ve just finished A-Levels or you’re a manager developing your team, we’ve worked with top employers to design training that matches your needs. Explore our industry-inspired taster sessions, degrees, short courses, and more.

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</More about IoC's latest work>


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</What are we addressing?>

The Institute of Coding is a £40 million initiative supported by the UK government (via the Office for Students, OfS), education providers and a range of employers.


</Specialists needed>

Highly trained digital specialists are needed in the UK by 2022 to support the digital economy.

One in five


Vacancies are linked to the shortage of digital skills of potential employees.

Seventeen percent


Only 17% of the UK tech/ICT workforce are women.

Thirteen percent

</Unemployed grads>

Computer science students are still unemployed six months after graduating.

</Keep in touch>