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</Data skills are in high demand in the UK>

Published on 19 May 2022 by Laura Laden-Zabihi


Increased demand for data science, data analysis and data engineering skills in the job market means there is the need for more data specialists to work in tech fields as well as people who can apply data skills in non-tech areas like healthcare and retail. LinkedIn’s 2022 Jobs on the Rise report listed Data Engineer as one of the fastest-growing jobs in the UK and lists data skills as requirements in many other on-the-rise jobs.

System engineering concept. Engineers working in the office. GUI (Graphical User Interface).

What is data science, data analysis and data engineering?

In broad strokes, data science uses scientific methods, procedures, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insight from data. Data analysis inspects, transforms and models the data to discover useful information in order to support decision-making. Data engineering is the collection of data and how this can be moved and stored for data scientists and data analysts to explore and transform it, aggregate and label it to finally learn and optimise processes from it.[1] In short, data is being gathered from a huge variety of sources and this raw data needs to be collected, stored, and then translated into meaningful and usable information that has business value.

The three roles listed here are interlinked and growing. Beyond data-specific roles, data skills are also required by a range of positions and sectors like healthcare, retail, security and hospitality, just to name a few.

Getting the right training

The Institute of Coding (IoC) offers a variety of courses in these in-demand areas, including advanced Master’s programmes that can prepare you for a role in tech as well as shorter, stackable options that can add to your existing skillset.

Prospective learners looking to train in data science, analytics or engineering will find a variety of options available on the IoC website in our general course catalogue and in the Skills Bootcamps course catalogue.

Learn more about some of our upcoming courses in:

Data analytics

Data science

Learn more about some of our upcoming Skills Bootcamps in:

Data analytics

Data science

[1] Data analysis – Wikipedia /Information engineering – Wikipedia / Data science – Wikipedia

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