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Published on 25 January 2022 by Laura Laden-Zabihi


The Institute of Coding is training 1,500+ people with the digital skills for entry and mid-level tech careers with the Skills Bootcamps

The UK tech sector just achieved its best year ever and the number of digital and tech vacancies continues to grow as investment surges, especially outside of London. More money is flowing into the UK tech sector – £29.4 billion in 2021 which is more than double 2020 figures[1] – and that means companies are in need of staff with digital and technical skills.

A recent UK Government press release shared that there has been a 50% rise in overall UK tech job vacancies advertised this year compared to 2020’s figures, with advertised tech vacancies hitting 160,887 in November.[2] New research from Yahoo UK found that three (Machine Learning Engineer, Site Reliability Manager and Content Designer) out of the top 10 fastest growing roles in the UK are in the tech sector, with many of the other positions requiring advanced digital skills.

Upskilling a new talent pipeline

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is training a diverse group of people through flexible digital skills courses. One example is our Skills Bootcamps programme, which is training more than 1,500 people with technical skills for entry or mid-level tech positions. 44% of people on these courses are women and over 60% of all students already have a degree or a graduate degree.

Skills Bootcamp cohorts are graduating over the next three months. Employers who would like early access to the new IoC-trained candidates, including the skill sets available and their graduation dates, should email A specialised team is standing by to help match you with qualified candidates for your specific needs. You can also visit the IoC website for more information:

Meet some of our learners

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is one of the IoC’s Skills Bootcamp partners. They are running a series of Skills Bootcamps in digital skills and cover technical subjects such as programming, databases and cyber security, through to digital marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

Many of the learners on their Skills Bootcamps have come back from career breaks or unemployment and wanted to retrain and upskill to boost their employability.

Want to learn more? Here are two student profiles:


Santrice from Manchester Metropolitan Skills Bootcamps:

What did you want to achieve from the Skills Bootcamp when you signed up?

When I signed up for the Skills Bootcamp there were three main things I wanted to achieve. Firstly, a stronger understanding of coding and the basic clean code principles, secondly, a broader understanding of cyber security and, finally, to gain more confidence, which was the most important to me as I don’t come from an IT background.

Now you’ve finished, how was it? Did you achieve what you wanted to? Did you achieve anything else?

I truly enjoyed the intense, varied 14-week Skills Bootcamp. It was extremely challenging at times, however it was 100% worth it as the knowledge I gained is invaluable. I achieved what I set out to learn and much more. For example, I never thought I would learn about business, persona and game design. As a result, I can show a Flappy Bird game I designed, group project mobile app, and have the skills to research an employer.

What type of role are you looking for next?

I would love to join the cyber security industry through an entry level position or a level 4 apprenticeship. My ideal role would be Cyber Forensic Analyst.

What are you most excited about offering to employers now as a result of the course?

Through the Skills Bootcamp, I have gained a strong set of knowledge in a wide range of areas. I’m excited to offer employers the new skills I have learnt and my desire is to find the right employer who can help me continue to grow.


Yasmin from Manchester Metropolitan Skills Bootcamps:

What did you want to achieve from the Bootcamp when you signed up?

After attending the taster session [prior to the Skills Bootcamp], it was interesting to see the variety of topics covered during the Skills Bootcamp. I was looking to learn about coding and about business and entrepreneurship as well because this is an essential skill. Another reason why I attended the course was because I wanted to learn about Unity. I am interested in video game design, so it would be great to learn about this game engine.

What type of role are you looking for next?

I am looking for a software developer role and an apprenticeship would be great. I am continuing to learn coding, and I hope to improve my skills in this field.

What are you most excited about offering to employers now as a result of the course?

I am now more confident, and I have had training in different fields, so I am more capable of working in the digital/ tech sector.

[1] UK Government press release –

[2] See above

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