</What is the AI Masters Programme?>

The Institute of Coding works with the government’s Office for AI, to deliver the Industrial Masters programme for Artificial Intelligence (IMAI) in universities across the UK.

It has been recognised that there is skills gap in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This gap is growing as the scope offered by the field increases and opportunities are identified and pursued. Industry have told us consistently that recruitment and retention is a particular challenge consequently limiting their ambitions. The AI Review carried out independently for government by Dame Wendy Hall and Jérôme Pesenti, ‘Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK’ identified areas in which action could be taken to expand and sustain the workforce required to grow the UK AI industry.

Intervention at the Masters level represents a key opportunity to meet one immediate requirement. The Shadbolt Review 2016, set out the low employment rates of computer science graduates due in part to a shortage of professional skills with which to apply their technical education. Investment in Masters courses can therefore provide a path for these graduates and offer a conversion route for graduates of other disciplines, by giving them the business relevant training that employers need.

A Masters degree is a relatively quick way to upskill existing employees, returners to work or individuals interested in converting from other disciplines. To bridge the AI skills gap we need to expand the provision of opportunities at this level. The new industry funded AI Masters programme intends to broaden access to AI relevant education and training at Level 7 which will help to galvanise these future sources of talent.

Discussions are on-going with many industry partners and universities to create and fill the places that are available for the upcoming academic year.

All courses involved in this programme should:

How can we help you?

IMAI can help you grow your capabilities in AI by early involvement in Masters’ Programmes and student placements.

It is a free matching making service connecting industry to university computer science departments across the country to make sure your business doesn’t get left behind.

IMAI streamlines the sponsorship and placement process. Through sponsorship, you are growing the pool of talent in AI from which you have a choice of potential future workforce. Placements provide you the opportunity to find individuals to fit your business.

Please contact us at AIMasters.IOC@bath.ac.uk if you would like to know more.



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