</Widening Participation (theme 4). Led by Manchester Metropolitan University>

We want to create courses that facilitate learning for everyone irrespective of their age, gender, or experience. We also want to reach out to local communities and help people return to work.

How we’ll achieve this

We have divided the theme into 5 sub themes and planned work packages to deliver each. We will:

Initiate a Culture Change

We will facilitate an improved awareness and understanding of barriers to broader participation in the sector. We will actively promote culture change through workshops and forums. A Toolkit on overcoming barriers will be created and made available.

Improve the Industry Pipeline

We will improve visibility, coordination and coverage of widening participation, diversity and inclusion activities from early contact through to employment. We will do this by creating a calendar of coding events for Schools and Colleges as well as delivering target events to increase underrepresented groups.

Boost the Appeal of the Curriculum

We will deliver improved appeal of curricula to a broader participation base through development and dissemination of curriculum design guidelines expressed through IoC accreditation.

Improve Delivery

We will deliver an enhanced suite of flexible products and services to provide improved opportunities for a broader participation base. Key to this theme will be the development and delivery of a 2 Year Accelerated degree option.

We will create a repository to store and share good practice 

We will deliver an improved coordination of information sharing and evidence-based initiatives in widening participation, diversity and inclusion issues though the creation of a national forum for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), employers and organisations, supported by a Diversity and Inclusion Board.

Enhanced national and sustainable impact through improved awareness, engagement and coordination of widening participation, diversity and inclusion information and initiatives among HEIs, employers and other organisations.

To get involved with any of these projects or help us reach more people, talk to us.

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