/NORTHUMBRIA Skills Bootcamp in Data Science (with Microsoft Certification) – August 2022 (applications closed)

This Skills Bootcamp teaches programming and data science skills within the context of industrial data. Alongside the core taught material this Skills Bootcamp also comes with free Microsoft Certification in the form of AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. You will be given full access to the Microsoft learning materials and will also receive a voucher that will entitle you to take the AI-900 examinations. The AI-900 is for those interested in learning about the kinds of solution made possible by artificial intelligence (Al), and the Microsoft Azure services with which to create them.

Therefore, this Bootcamp is for anyone needing to acquire programming/coding and data science skills to make the move to their next stage in their career. Computer programming (coding) and data science skills are increasingly needed by employers in many sectors. Modern activities now generate huge volumes of data and the management and understanding of big data are becoming increasingly important, especially for sectors that are striving to catch up with more technically advanced industries. Demand for data scientists is increasing as organisations need to understand and analyse this historical data, then develop tools and dashboards to convert it into knowledge. The core learning material is contextualised within the construction sector as it provides rich case studies of complex data general and analysis needs. This Bootcamp teaches appropriate data science technologies and techniques. These skillsets are in high demand, particularly with graduates and those in the first two years of their career so successful learners will stand out in job interviews. Leading firms are developing data-centric tools to help asset owners, designers and builders improve efficiencies and maximise the potential of this wealth of information.

The combination of the core learning material plus the Microsoft certification makes this Skills Bootcamp a winning proposition.

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