/Skills Bootcamp in Data Analytics and Visualisation: from Advanced Excel to Power BI - May 2023

This Course Is Now Underway

Provided by: Teesside University

Course Area: North East

Course Type: Short Course

Start date: 02/05/2023

End date: 17/08/2023

Course length: 16 weeks

Subjects: Business Intelligence, Cyber security, Data analytics, Data engineering, Data science, Software development, Software Engineering, Visualisation

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Online

Skills Bootcamp overview

Several data-analytics and visualisation tools are available on the market and this course will equip learners with the skills to correctly use them so that they can contribute to improving business performance. The Bootcamp will also touch on how to use Machine Learning and AI applications to generate data insights and business forecast.

Who is this course for

Our 16-week programme is suitable for anybody wanting to:

  • Upskill in their current job and understand how they could apply data analytics, business intelligence and data visualisations to their business.
  • Upskill those who are not working with large amounts of data, but who want to gain a deeper understanding of data analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence for a future role in this area
  • Upskill their existing knowledge for a career change or to gain employment.


There will be four hours of online contact time each week (2 x 2-hour sessions) plus additional self-directed learning and employability sessions to support you into work or a career change. Sessions will be recorded for flexibility of study.


Eligibility criteria for all learners

In order to qualify for this no-cost training, learners need to:

  • Be aged 19+
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Agree to provide mandatory personal data and supplementary information on their employment outcomes for up to 8 months following completion of the Skills Bootcamp
  • Be looking for a new role, new opportunities
  • Looking for increased responsibility/promotion to a different role which utilises the skills acquired through their Skills Bootcamp within 6 months of completion of the course
  • Meet the requirements and/or prerequisites for the specific skills Bootcamp, select the bootcamp for more information
  • Study one bootcamp from the consortium
  • Need to commit to 4 hours of online study and self study each week

Eligibility criteria for free course

  • unemployed within the last 12 months, or
  • self-employed, or
  • employed in an unrelated job looking for a new role or additional responsibilities within your current employer, utilising skills learnt
  • be in the last 3 months of full time education.

Eligibility criteria for this particular course

To succeed on this course, you are recommended to have:

  • Basic IT Skills
  • Interest in Statistics and Data Analytics
  • GCSE Maths (preferable)
  • Experience of manipulating data with spreadsheets or databases
  • Must have been resident in the UK for 3 years prior to start date of course

What will I learn

This course develops skills in data analytics, reporting and visualisation looking at a range of different solutions from Advanced Excel to Power BI.

The course has been designed to equip learners with the skills needed to identify trends in data and communicate these persuasively, make intelligent business forecasts and take informed decisions – using easily accessible off the shelf products.

The Bootcamp will be split into two parts:

  1. Advanced Excel:Forms, Pivot tables, Macros, and Formulae
  2. Data Analytics and Data Visualisation using Power BI:Data Modelling, Data representation, and Dashboard design

Industry case studies, industry keynote speakers and focussed portfolio work will provide inspiration, context and opportunity to put the theory into practise.

In addition, a bespoke employability programme will equip you with essential software skills for securing a job or new role, where required.

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Creating pathways to employment

How has the Skills Bootcamp been designed/created with employer input?


This Skills Bootcamp is jointly designed and delivered by our industry partners, so you can be confident you are learning the relevant skills important to employers.


How are employers involved in the delivery of this Skills Bootcamp?


Throughout the 16-week programme, each learner will also take part in a bespoke employability programme preparing you for interviews and recruitment events with our industry partners, giving you the opportunity to network and connect with employers looking for these skills.


What are the routes to employment following successful completion?


Teesside University works closely with Industry around the UK and will provide employment opportunities through our partners and also from Job Searches.

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