/Skills Bootcamp in Data Science (Closed)

This Course Is Now Underway

Provided by: University of Gloucestershire

Course Area: South West

Course Type: Short Course

Start date: 04/10/2021

End date: 04/03/2022

Subjects: Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, Cyber analytics, Cyber security, Data analytics, Data science, DevNet, DevOps, Software development

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Blended

Skills Bootcamp overview

Data science is a growing sector, with the potential to change the way we live in the future by solving or offering insights into many of the largest problems of today. On this dynamic course, you’ll learn the programming and maths skills to use these technologies to solve the real-world problems relevant to your existing knowledge and expertise.


You’ll learn to create intelligent models which can predict future outcomes based on past data, generate artwork, or give you incredible insight into hard-to-find connections within your datasets. You’ll gain a deep understanding of data flows within organisations and systems, and how huge amounts of data can be engineered to produce knowledge.

Who is this course for

Training will be delivered via a mix of face-to-face and virtual sessions where learners can take part through Microsoft Teams over the course of 16 weeks. Additionally, all face-to-face sessions will be video recorded and made available to all learners.


All course materials will be provided to learners through our virtual learning environment (Moodle), which is available 24hours a day. This will include lecture notes, recordings of lectures, access to digital background reading, tutorials, exercises, quizzes etc.


Learners must:

  • Be aged 19+
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Agree to provide mandatory personal data and supplementary information on their employment outcomes for up to 8 months following completion of the Skills Bootcamp
  • Be looking for a new role, new opportunities or increased responsibility/promotion to a different role which utilises the skills acquired through their Skills Bootcamp


Be either

  • employed/self-employed, or
  • career changers/returners/redeployed, or
  • unemployed within the last 12 months


Employers will be able to send existing employees who meet the Skills Bootcamp eligibility requirements on this training at an impressive 70% discount. Interested employers should contact the individual Skills Bootcamp provider.


What will I learn

Typical modules include:


Programming Algorithms & Techniques: The module aims to introduce various data structures, compression techniques, programming design patterns and file type format structures (textures, 3D model formats, Audio, etc) that are used within games development. The module will cover how to read, and write these data structures to file and how they can be used within a game.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: The module aims to introduce students to the concepts and tools of artificial intelligence, starting with no assumption of any prior knowledge, as these topics are unlikely to be covered in a prior to higher learning. This should give students a grounding that they can build upon to progress to level 5 modules in AI.


Data Analytics: This module provides an understanding of analytic techniques to process data and find useful patterns. Data can be in various forms such as textual, image or audio and can be collected from various sources such as sensors, devices, networks, log files, web, social media etc.


Artificial Intelligence Ethics: This module introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics (computation models, algorithms and techniques) with a focus on designing and building AI systems. The students will learn the core concepts of designing and enabling AI using a variety of methods including neural networks and genetic programming. Students will undertake the practical design and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms using a variety of current languages and architectures including Java and Python.


Optimisation Algorithms

This module enabled students to examine optimisation algorithms from the ground up and in-depth, both single and multi-objective, and the various ways these algorithms can be applied successfully.


Advanced AI Algorithms

This module extends the game development concepts introduced at Level 4 & 5 by investigating techniques and mechanisms used to implement 3D computer games in greater depth. The focus will be on autonomous agents, decision-making and learning. Students will develop a thorough understanding of the development of computer controlled characters that are aware of their environment, can react to external stimuli, behave according to sets of rules defined by a game designer and learn by interacting with the environment.



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Course Industy Contact

How has the Skills Bootcamp been designed/created with employer input?


A workshop is intended in early/mid September to finalise content of the curriculum and agree the most flexible delivery mode possible. Employers will be presented with current thinking (both in terms of content and delivery) and organised into groups for discussions. The outcomes of the workshop will inform the design of the curriculum, involvement of employers in the delivery and progress monitoring as well as the most suitable delivery mode.

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