</Sharing and sustainability (theme 5). Led by University of Bath.>

Our success will depend on working together closely to build an evidence base of research, analysis and intelligence.

If we’re to make a genuine difference, we need to share the new analysis, experience and best practice we develop in the IoC.

How we’ll achieve this

Our Observatory

We’ll start by exploring emerging trends in industry, education and employment through our Digital Skills Observatory.  

This will help us understand the skills gaps facing businesses. We’ll discover challenges as they emerge and arm ourselves with the insight we need to find solutions.

Learning from each other

We’ll also share the lessons that we learn through our observatory and discuss the areas each of our themes are working on.

For example, we’ll share best practice, curricula and solutions from across the IoC. To do this, we’ll organise workshops and meetings with people in industry, government, outreach groups and educators.

Leadership and management

We’ll also make sure that the IoC solves national problems. Our management structure of industry, government and outreach experts will be responsible for this work.

To find out more about leadership groups in our diversity, industry or governance boards, view our team pages.

If you want more information on sharing and sustainability, get in touch.

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