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In February 2020, we held our second annual conference at the IET in London. Titled ‘Thinking differently about lifelong learning’, the conference focused on how lifelong learning initiatives could change the digital sector in the United Kingdom.

Designed for a diverse audience of policy makers, employers, educators and learners, we brought together a broad group of participants to find collaborative ways to respond to topics of national interest, including the digital skills gap and the need for better diversity and inclusion in the sector. Watch a recap of the 2020 conference below.

Conference agenda

View the full 2020 conference agenda, and read more about the sessions that you can watch and listen to below as videos and podcasts.


You can now watch many of our conference sessions that were held in the Kelvin lecture theatre as videos. These include:

  • Mind the (skills) gap panel featuring Jacqueline de Rojas, Julie Elliot, Manish Malhotra and Liz Williams MBE
  • Diverse thinking for diverse impact panel featuring Professor Kerensa Jennings, Helen Milner OBE, Mark Wakefield and Liza Belozerova


Sessions that were held in other rooms are also available as podcasts. You can find these, and our podcasts from our 2019 conference, on our Anchor profile.

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