Future Projects Fund

Institute of Coding competition: Invitation to submit applications for Future Projects funding to enhance higher-level digital skills provision and inclusivity.

Download the full invitation and all supporting documents:

Closing date for applications: 26th November 2018 (noon).

In partnership with CPHC, the Institute of Coding held Town Hall events to answer questions from potential bidders and facilitate bidding group formations.

The first event was held on 5th September at University College London, UCL.

Watch the presentation here.
The presentation was filmed using lecturecast, please be aware the video contains a flicker.

The second event was held on 16th October at Manchester Metropolitan University. This event wasn’t recorded but you can download the presentation here.

The following documents are now available for download:
Frequently asked questions – updated following the 16th October event
FPF Industry Advisory Board priorities (Updated 8 Oct 2018
IoC Theme information
IoC Partners
IoC Contract Summary

Any further questions can be sent to: IoC@bath.ac.uk.

Still looking for bid partners?

To support the formation of bidding groups, request to join the slack channel. You might want to complete the Bidding Group Form, and send this to CPHC@bcs.uk who will add it to the slack channel.

All details are also available from CPHC.