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We want to help people already working in the digital sector to develop their skills in areas such as cyber security, data science and artificial intelligence.

To reach these people, we’re making it easier to search for our courses and creating ways to help them learn while they work.

How we’ll achieve this

Academic and industry partners across the IoC are working together to offer:

  • Work-based courses – programmes based around the degree apprenticeship to support industries looking to recruit and develop software employees.
  • Masters-level programmes and individual shorter modules – responsive and relevant courses to help people working in the digital sector boost their expertise in specialist areas.
  • Online –a range of online courses that give people the chance to study what they want, where they want, around their existing schedule.

Create courses together

We’ll bring educators and employers together to find the best way to deliver courses. This will make learning more accessible to a wider audience, including employees at SMEs and start-ups.

Focus on areas of expertise

Partners will also work together to understand the challenges facing businesses in the sector and individuals who already have a technical background.

We’ll develop specialist technical training in areas of current interest including artificial intelligence, data science and cyber security.

Make learning possible

We want to help as many people already working in the digital sector develop their skills and expertise.

To achieve this, we’ll create a course catalogue so they can find the course that suits them – whether that’s learning online, learning at work, or in the evenings at home.

If you’re interested in providing training or helping create a course, get in touch.

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