</Helping businesses manage digital transformation (theme 3). Led by Coventry University>

Managing digital transformation is a challenge for many businesses. The Institute of Coding exists to make the process easier. We provide digital education and training geared towards the needs of different professions.

How we’ll achieve this

By designing courses and training for people already in work, we’ll make learning easier for professionals across a range of industries.

We’ll work with different sectors to create tailored programmes that are relevant to the specific digital challenges they face.

Engaging with industry

We plan to design courses that meet the growing demand for digital skills in a range of sectors. At the same time, we’ll help businesses go digital and provide them with in-house training.

The sectors we’ve already started working with include:

  • Creative
  • Automotive
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech

If your business falls under a different sector, get in touch and we’ll explain how we can help you.

Understanding skills needs

To help us understand what businesses need, we will:

  • Run a range of workshops with industry – we’ll give employers the chance to discuss the challenges they face to help us create solutions. 
  • Develop courses for specific roles – we’ll overcome skills gaps by targeting different professionals such as doctors and lawyers.
  • Reach a wider audience than traditional digital roles – we’ll help businesses understand how we can make digital skills relevant to different areas of their organisation.

Online learning

Alongside creating courses, we aim to help more people learn by improving online platforms. .

By achieving this, we hope to increase course sign-ups, boost retention and help more people develop their digital skills at home.  

Short tasters and CPD courses

To help people learn digital skills, we will:

  • Develop taster and CPD courses – we’re training the first cohorts now.
  • Run outreach events – we want to give more people the opportunity to get involved with digital skills learning.
  • Encourage universities to draw on experience – universities will develop the digital master’s programme, host short courses and CPD courses, and run individual modules.

For more information on how we’re supporting businesses, get in touch.

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