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Want to learn about computing, but not sure how to fit it into your degree? Our partner Lancaster University has created a minor in Creative and Applied Computing which is ideal for those looking to develop their digital skills while still studying another subject. In this guide, we answer your questions about this programme and why you should consider adding digital to your skillset.

What can you tell me about this programme?

It’s a flexible blend of traditional and student-centred learning, which means it’s mainly online with no formal lectures, but you’re still supported by expert tutors. You can also use Lancaster’s state of the art studios to work in teams with your classmates, and develop your practical and digital skills, both of which are in high demand in the workplace.

How can I take the minor?

The minor is available to any first year student at Lancaster University, as long as you’re not already studying computer science. The goal of the minor is to offer digital skills education to students who ordinarily might not have access because they are studying different subjects. This is important because it helps us to better respond to the UK’s digital skills gap.

What can I learn from the minor?

From our work with our partners, we know that employers increasingly need employees with digital skills, but many graduating from university don’t have these skills. By adding a minor like this to your degree, you can increase your employability in many different fields and expand your horizons when you leave university.

If you’ve always thought computer science is dry and boring, this course will prove you wrong. From virtual reality to the history of computer science, the minor has something for everyone’s interests. You’ll get training in key programming languages like JavaScript and Python and put those skills to work to create virtual worlds through models and animation.

If you’re a creative person, modules like Digital Making and Crafting will show you how to 3D print and create interactive devices, while history enthusiasts can discover the story of computing through a diverse and inclusive lens in The Evolution of Computing

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If you’re still not sure that this course is for you, watch the video below on why you should take Lancaster University’s minor in Creative and Applied Computing.

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