/MSc Computer Science online - May 2021

Provided by: University of Bath

Course Area: All areas

Course Type: Masters (research)

Start date: 03/05/2021

End date: 03/05/2024

Subjects: Computer Science

Accredited by: University of Bath

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Online

Course overview

Developed and taught by a practising group of influential computer scientists, studying this course will expose you to emerging ideas in AI, human computer interaction, cryptography, security and integrity.


By working with you to accelerate your mathematical knowledge and your understanding of computational models, theories and methodologies, our lecturers will give you a deeper understanding of computer systems. We’ll encourage you to apply this knowledge and experiment, which will help to prepare you for solving unique challenges with code. You’ll also benefit from real-world insights through our links with major tech corporations such as Imagination Technologies, Electronic Arts, BAE Systems, KPMG and Nokia.

Who is this course for

To apply for this course you may have an undergraduate degree in any subject, but you must demonstrate evidence of relevant quantitative skills (especially algebra and calculus) either through your degree study or by alternative means.

What will I learn

Learning outcomes

  • Understand core theories and practices of computer science
  • Explore exciting new opportunities in AI, human computer interaction, cryptography and cyber security
  • Acquire key theories and mathematical principles to support your understanding of emerging techniques
  • Develop primary research and critical evaluation skills to form your own solutions
  • Contribute towards the body of knowledge of particular technical and industrial fields
  • Think creatively and critically and push the boundaries with code
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