/MSc Artificial Intelligence online - January 2021

Provided by: University of Bath

Course Area: All areas

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 04/01/2021

End date: 04/01/2024

Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Online

Course overview

By combining ideas from topics such as data science and robotics with the more technical aspects of programming and machine learning, our Artificial Intelligence Master’s course provides the skills you need to put AI into practice.


Artificial intelligence insights are crucial to helping businesses evolve their strategies, be it through customer preference tracking, service improvement or robotic development.


The University of Bath draws on input from its ‘UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI)’. This means we are able to provide you with the most up-to-date understanding of the emerging possibilities of artificial intelligence, as well as its ethical implications.

Who is this course for

You should have a first or strong second-class bachelor’s honours degree or international equivalent. To apply for this course, you may have an undergraduate degree in any subject, but you must demonstrate evidence of relevant quantitative skills (especially algebra and calculus) either through your degree study or by alternative means.

What will I learn

  • Explain the core underlying statistical context that applies to the processing and modelling of data
  • Implement low-level data science functionality in a relevant programming language
  • Apply a range of modern analytic technologies, including machine learning and statistical techniques
  • Describe and demonstrate the processes involved in the effective practice of data science and statistics, from initial data handling through to presentation of output
  • Undertake and complete an individual innovative research or developmental project
  • Understand and show critical awareness of the current state and future directions of technological advances
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