/How to see the story within your data - Taster

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Provided by: Teeside University

Course Area: South East

Course Code: CIS1046

Course Type: Continuous Professional Development

Start date: Anytime

Subjects: Data Analytics, Data Science, Information Visualisation

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Online

Course overview

This taster sessions looks at how you can use data visualisation techniques to help identify the story hidden within this vast sea of data to help write that winning pitch or improve your company’s performances and profits. Stories often remain hidden in the numbers but once you bring them to life with charts you’ll be amazed at what suddenly appears.


We will show you some award winning examples of data visualisation, in a wide range of applications from journalism, research, business analytics and the newer emerging field of the Quantified Self Movement where we chart our own personal data such as step count, heart rate, etc. You’ll be introduced to some amazing (and free) tools that will help get you started in developing your own charts. You’ll learn that there’s a whole lot more on offer than just a line graph and pie chart. We will also take a look into the world of infographics where you combine your charts with text and graphics with visually impressive results in easy-to-use tools that do the work of a professional graphic designer.


Your journey can continue and so can your successes if you study more from our accredited course.

Who is this course for

Employed people working in Durham. Your employer can be from any size or sector, including Public Sector, self-employed and those on furlough.


What will I learn

A short video, up to 1 hour will give you an opportunity to find out more about data visualisation and how this can be used within your role / company helping you to make informed decisions.

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