/Degree Apprenticeship in Applied Software Engineering

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Provided by: Swansea University

Course Area: Wales

Course Type: Degree Apprenticeship

Start date: 20210922

End date: 20240724

Subjects: Computer Science, Software Engineering

Accredited by: BCS

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

This degree apprenticeship programme runs over three years, with three trimesters per year. During each trimester, apprentices attend the University from 1pm-8pm every Wednesday and undertake two traditional academic modules. Each Wednesday, there are 4 hours of lectures followed by 3 hours in the computer lab. Each academic module is assessed through lab-based tasks, take-home assignments, and a mid-term and end-term in-class test.


For each of the 12 academic modules that you undertake during the first two years, you are required to specify and carry out a small work-based project which is bespoke to your company and which demonstrates technology transfer of the academic knowledge and skills attained in that specific module. These work-based projects constitute 25% of the programme each year.


During the third year, you are required to specify and carry out one substantial work-based project –  accounting for 25% of your final-year assessment – which provides a digital product suitable for deploying in your company.

Who is this course for

Digital skills are important for all companies and organisations, be they large multinational corporations or micro-companies. This degree apprenticeship is thus specifically designed to cater for aspiring IT professionals in any company.

What will I learn

The 18 taught modules that you undertake together constitute the core of any traditional University BSc programme in Software Engineering, combining technical skills training involving a wide range of programming tools, methods and techniques with theoretical foundations and professional issues.



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