/MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (Conversion Programme)

Provided by: Queen Mary University of London

Course Area: London

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20210901

End date: 20220731

Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

This programme draws upon our research expertise within the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, in areas including machine learning, natural language processing and Game AI.


During the programme, you’ll discover and devise data-driven AI solutions to automate and optimise business processes that can be applied in any field to support and enhance human decision-making. You’ll also explore the essential ethical and legal issues that need to be considered when generating, analysing and disseminating data and developing AI technology.


You’ll attend campus for two weeks of intensive teaching at the beginning of the programme. These two intensive preparatory modules will allow you first to acquire the pre-requisite skillset in programming and statistics before moving on to apply your knowledge in learning specialist AI techniques.


You’ll also study six standard compulsory modules during the first and second semester, and undertake an individual capstone project in the third and final semester.

Who is this course for

Data and AI is becoming an integral part of our lives as it helps us solve everyday problems as well as drive scientific and technological progress that advance society and improve our quality of life. Projections of the demand for skilled graduates in this area are that it will increase significantly, outstripping current supply. If you are looking to pursue a career as an AI and Data Specialist, this programme will give you a strong understanding of programming and statistics and how to apply them using specialist AI techniques preparing you for employment in the field.


Applicants should demonstrate an aptitude for learning technical material in statistics and programming which will be assessed during the interview phase.

What will I learn

Semester 1:
o Programming for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (intensive)
o Statistics for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (intensive)
o Machine Learning
o Data Mining
o Ethics, Regulation and Law in Advanced Digital Information Processing and Decision Making


Semester 2:
o Artificial Intelligence and Games
o Natural Language Processing
o Information Retrieval


Semester 3:
• Final project

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