/Introduction to Computing and Information Technology (1)

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Provided by: Open University

Course Area: South East

Course Code: TM111

Course Type: Degree (Honours)

Start date: 20211002

End date: 20220330

Subjects: Computational Thinking, Computer Science

Price: £500 to £2,000

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

This module is presented in three blocks:

  • ‘The digital world’ – the digital technologies that pervade our home, work and social lives;
  • ‘Creating solutions’ ­– programming skills for creating solutions to simple problems;
  • ‘Connecting people, places and things’ – the computer networks that allow us to interact with others.


Throughout the module, you will develop your study skills, digital and information literacy skills and employability skills.

Who is this course for

This module has particular vocational relevance for those wishing to develop a career in the computing and IT industry – providing many opportunities to demonstrate relevant technical knowledge and practical IT skills.

What will I learn

Block 1 ‘The digital world’
You’ll start with your own experience of using computing and IT systems, covering a range of topics. You’ll explore how computers and networks developed; how analogue images and sounds are converted into digital formats; and how data is stored and managed in databases. You’ll also gain practical experience of constructing webpages, and consider how interfaces help us to interact with computers successfully.


Block 2 ‘Creating solutions’
You’ll develop programming and problem-solving skills as you work within a graphical programming environment to create programs involving animation, sounds, numbers and text. Since programs don’t always work the first time they are run, or don’t work as expected, you’ll also develop skills in testing and debugging your programs.


Block 3 ‘Connecting people, places and things’
You’ll be introduced to communication networks, including the structure and operation of the Internet, and wired and wireless systems. You’ll also discover how these technologies are combined with connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). The block ends with a discussion of how people interact with each other online, and also how computing and IT systems relate to modern society.



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