/MSc Cyber Security

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Provided by: Manchester Metropolitan University

Course Area: North West

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20200914

End date: 20210831

Subjects: Cryptography, Cyber Security, Networks, Networks and Security, Project

Accredited by: BCS, IISP

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

Networked computers run our world. From homes to hospitals, airports to banks and all stops in between, everything is connected – but these systems are susceptible to infiltration and attack. Study our MSc Cyber Security and you’ll gain the expertise to become part of the defence.


By learning to design, implement and manage computer-based systems security, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to succeed in a wide range of cyber-security roles, including security designer, ethical hacker, and digital forensics officer.


Starting with the fundamentals, you’ll gain a broad understanding of the different levels of computer and network security. As you progress, you’ll explore both the technical aspects and the logistics of planning and implementing network security management. You’ll also learn how to investigate systems after a breach.


Throughout, you’ll be supported by highly professional staff with practical experience at the forefront of this dynamic landscape. And working in our specialist labs with the latest hardware and software will give you hands-on project experience in real-world network security scenarios.


The result? You’ll become a specialist in a field with opportunities in virtually every sector – with everything that means for your future career prospects.


Non means-tested loans of up to a maximum of £10,000 will be available to postgraduate masters students – click here to find out more information

Who is this course for

The advanced skills and understanding you’ll develop on our MSc course can take you into cybersecurity roles across a range of industries, in both the public and private sectors. You could apply for jobs like information security specialist, software engineer for information security, ethical hacker, security designer or security tester, to name a few.


Your masters could also provide a foundation for further studies – going on to do a PhD –whether staying on at Manchester Met or going elsewhere.


You’ll have the specialist support of our careers service from day one, and for three years after you leave us. Between the services available through the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology and the University’s Career Service, you’ll have access to everything from employer events and careers fair to employability skills workshops and dedicated advisors.

What will I learn

You’ll study five core units, covering areas like Advanced Network Security, Cryptography and Encryption, and Computer Forensics and Security. You’ll then move on to tackle an in-depth masters project.


Read a graduate profile: Meet David, Yvonne and Karen.


This course can be taught full-time over 1 year, or part-time 2 years. If taught full-time all units will be taken within 1 year.


In your Masters year, you will study:



  • Introduction to Computer Forensics and Security
  • Advanced Network Security
  • Cryptography and Encryption
  • Advanced Computer Networks and Operating Systems
  • Masters Project
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