/MSc Business Analytics

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Provided by: Manchester Metropolitan University

Course Area: North West

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20200914

End date: 20210831

Subjects: Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Project

Accredited by: AMBA, AACSB

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

Big data is big business. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the power to harness information becomes more valuable. To keep up with competition and progress, businesses need graduates who can harness the power of big data, spot new opportunities and efficiencies.


This course gives you the ability to understand the applications, identify the opportunities and master the tools that turn business analytics into business impact.


You’ll cover a balance of techniques and practical skills, learning how big data can deliver the kind of insights that can cut costs, deliver efficiency and boost profits. There are a range of option units on offer, while your dissertation will offer you the chance to dive deep into a topic that interests you, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to tailor your studies around your ambitions.


Learn from the experts

While it’s a specialist field at the forefront of analytics, you don’t need advanced technical skills or a degree in business intelligence or analytics to join us. You can enrol with no prior knowledge of business or management, and develop the expertise needed for specialist roles in this rewarding field.


To explore the sector, you’ll get valuable insights into the important role business analysis plays in modern organisations through our guest lecture series. We invite experienced and active professionals from different areas of the industry to give you an idea of the potential career paths available to you when you graduate.

Who is this course for

The skills to discover and distil the value from big data are in high demand across the business world. With our MSc Business Analytics under your belt, you could be a valuable addition to organisations in a vast variety of industries – with an insight into the inner workings of business operations, together with the understanding to improve efficiency and find smarter ways of connecting with customers.


So, as well as traditional business analytics roles, this course could open doors to opportunities in areas such as:


  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Project Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Software & Programmatic
  • Customer Relationship Management


You may also choose to enter the field as a freelance business consultant, or apply your new skills to create your own business.

What will I learn

For companies across the world, in every sector and specialism, business analytics offers the route to streamlined operations, improved services, lower costs and higher profits. It’s a powerful tool that’s high in demand. Put simply, our MSc Business Analytics caters to a world of opportunities for you and your career.


It’s a specialist field, but the course is open to students from a wide variety of different academic or professional backgrounds. With a team that includes research-active academics and experienced professionals, we can help you become the kind of problem-solving, operation-enhancing, efficiency-finding professional that successful modern businesses can’t do without.


In your Masters year, you will study seven core topics, covering areas from data modelling and business statistics, to decision making and data visualisation, as well as two option units – allowing you to tailor your studies to your passions and ambitions. From there, you’ll learn the masters-level study skills you’ll need to tackle a major piece of work, before going on to complete your dissertation project.

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