/BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

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Provided by: Manchester Metropolitan University

Course Area: North West

Course Type: Degree (Honours)

Start date: 20200914

End date: 20230731

Subjects: Computer Science, Cyber Security, Engineering, Javascript, Networks, Networks and Security, Project, Software Engineering, Web Development

Accredited by: BCS, IISP

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

Study a Software Engineering degree with us and you’ll build the essential skills you need to work with software systems – opening the door to a range of career opportunities. You’ll cover all aspects of software development with a focus on the methodical approach to error-free design and build.


In your first year, you’ll start with the core principles of computer architecture, information systems, web design and programming in Java. You’ll then begin to specialise, with areas of study like web application development, database systems and advanced programming.


As you progress you’ll develop your knowledge of information management and database development, as well as advanced development skills in a range of programming languages. In your final year, you’ll tackle a large-scale software project. This will help you to build vital project management skills, as well as giving you a sound understanding of the role of software development tools within the software life cycle.


Our BSc (Hons) Software Engineering degree also provides the opportunity to spend an extra year expanding your horizons, working on a placement in industry.


This course is available with a Foundation Year.

Who is this course for

A Software Engineering degree will prepare you for a wide range of careers in a fast-growing industry. Job roles include software developer, web designer and developer, data analyst, systems analyst and architect, IT manager and technician as well as roles managing technology to support a range of public and private sector organisations.


In addition, the skills you learn on this degree are highly valued by a range of employers and opportunities may exist in areas such as project management, e-commerce and social media marketing, scientific research, education and many more.


Manchester is a major hub for the digital technology industry. The close proximity of MediaCity and a large number of both established companies and innovative tech start-ups means that the opportunities for technological collaboration are huge. Situated in the ‘Oxford Road Corridor’ innovation district of Manchester, the University and the Department of Computing and Mathematics are perfectly placed to work with key players in the digital technology and new media sectors.

What will I learn

Computing technology is fundamental to the way our world works. It’s a vital part of communication, transport, finance, leisure and more. In a matter of a few decades, it has quickly developed from the work of the early pioneers to computer systems that underpin nearly everything we do. And the pace of innovation hasn’t slowed, with technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, smart cities, robotics and virtual reality taking us deeper into uncharted territories every day.


With our Computing courses, you’ll develop the analytical, programming, web development, problem-solving and professional skills necessary not just to keep up with these changes, but to drive them forward. With all the latest equipment, we provide teaching in specialist labs with high-performance computers and the latest software. We also have strong industry links in a city with one of the biggest creative and digital sectors in the UK. Our courses are developed with industry, giving you the skills and knowledge you’ll need in the workplace. This ensures that by the time you leave us, you’ll be well placed to pursue a range of careers across a variety of sectors.

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