/Data Analytics Career Accelerator

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Provided by: LSE

Course Area: South East

Course Type: Short Course

Start date: 20220110

Subjects: Data Analytics, Data Science

Recognised by: United Kingdom CPD Certification Service

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Online

Course overview

As data volumes continue to grow exponentially, the ability to transform this information into actionable business insights is a key capability in the ‘Age of Analytics’. Demand for data analytics skills is rocketing as a result, offering career starters and established professionals alike the opportunity to align to a high-growth path valued by organisations across industries.

Designed by LSE faculty from the Departments of Methodology and Statistics, the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator aims to accelerate your career through both its subject focus and education model. Following a project-based approach to learning, you’ll develop fundamental data analytics competencies with immediate and long-term relevance in the digital economy. You’ll be introduced to the core concepts of data analysis, learn to use visualisations to communicate insights through storytelling, and apply technical knowledge of programming to business use-cases. With input from leading technology companies, you’ll engage directly with the tools used in industry and practise their use in project-based exercises.

As you learn from LSE faculty, you’ll have access to a network of Success Managers, Career Coaches and Facilitators to support you with programme progress, career planning and subject-related challenges. This powerful support team ensures you’re able to reach your potential in the programme, and in the career it prepares you for.

Who is this course for

  • Career starters looking to build a data analytics skill set with long-term relevance in the digital economy
  • Professionals realigning their career path to enter a high-growth industry at the core of business strategy and operations
  • Current or aspiring Data Analysts looking to fast-track their data analytics careers
  • Established professionals aiming to retain their relevance by developing in-demand digital skills underpinned by the value of a world-leading university

What will I learn

  • Align data collection and management to business objectives as you conduct best practice data-wrangling activities
  • Empower businesses to make informed decisions by using engaging visualisations to tell a compelling story with data
  • Critically analyse and address the ethical and social issues of data analysis
  • Collaborate remotely with a diverse peer group and develop your ability to create business value through a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving
  • Work with Success Managers and Career Coaches to demonstrate self-reflection that improves career outcomes
  • Develop a project-based portfolio as proof of your technical abilities and their relevance to employers
  • Earn an LSE certificate as globally-relevant recognition of your new knowledge and competencies
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