/Digital Crafting and Maker Spaces

Provided by: Lancaster University

Course Area: North West

Course Code: SCC.024

Course Type: Other undergraduate

Start date: 03/02/2020

End date: 20/03/2020

Subjects: Creative Technology, Physical Computing

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

Following successful completion of this course, a student should be able to:-

  • Develop and apply general problem-solving and computational thinking skills using novel design methodologies and technology platforms;
  • Develop group working skills through collaborative “maker’ studios;
  • Provide students with a foundation to address real-world open-ended problems with new technologies and tools;
  • Illustrate how open tools such as Arduino and micro:bit enable new types of computation that interfaces, modifies, and integrates with the environment.

Who is this course for

  • This course is for first year non-computer science students at Lancaster University.
  • The course is free for all selected undergraduate students at Lancaster University.
  • This new course curriculum is for other major students with no prior knowledge of computing within Lancaster University.

What will I learn

Following successful completion of this course, a student should have learnt:-

  • How to understand prototyping with a micro-controller and electronics components;
  • Design and create a basic prototype using Arduino or micro:bit and understand the challenges involve;
  • To understand basic prototyping and fabrication approaches for digital making and physical computing;
  • To understand the application and implications of digital crafting on other domains and disciplines.
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