/Introduction to Creative AI

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Course Type: Short Course

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Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Creative Technology

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Course overview

Machine learning is transforming the creative world, in terms of how creative work is both made and consumed. It’s a burgeoning area, with many potential career opportunities.


On this course, you’ll learn exactly what the creative industries are, and the ways they’re being changed by AI. You’ll identify the latest developments in machine learning, as well as the skills you need to get ahead in creative computing.


Throughout, you’ll examine practical examples of creative AI from creative technologists, artists, media creators, and researchers working at the cutting-edge of the field.


This course is hosted by FutureLearn. It can be started at any time after the advertised date and is available now.

Who is this course for

This course is aimed at early-career creative technologists, established technologists looking to extend their skills, and professionals from wider fields looking to understand more about the importance and opportunities that creative technologies present.


You might also be interested in the other courses in the Essential Creative Technologies collection from UAL Creative Computing Institute, Lancaster University and the Institute of Coding.


This course can be started at any time after the advertised date and is available now.

What will I learn

  • What AI in the creative industries actually looks like
  • What skills you need in order to work in the creative industries using AI
  • How you can go about getting these skills in order to develop your career
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