/Bootcamp in Computational Thinking

Provided by: Swansea University

Course Area: Wales

Course Type: Short Course

Start date: 20220424

End date: 20220630

Subjects: Computational Thinking

Price: Free

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

Computational thinking refers to a collection of problem-solving techniques which software developers use to understand problems, break them down, and express their solutions in a step-by-step manner suited to programming on a computer. Whilst crucial for computer scientists and engineers, these problem-solving techniques are general: computational thinking is a fundamental skill, and its techniques are useful for general everyday problem solving. This module will explore the tools and techniques for reasoning about problems in a computational thinking way, using them to solve a wide variety of riddles, puzzles, and more practical problems.

This module is aimed at professional learners who are looking to develop their computational thinking and problem solving skills.

Who is this course for

Learners will become familiar with the fundamental mathematical techniques for modelling hardware and software systems and will develop skills in scientific modelling such as abstraction, the precise formulation of informal notions, rigorous reasoning and analysis.

What will I learn

This module introduces learners to logical and reasoning tools and techniques for understanding and modelling computing systems and processes.

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