/MBA with Marketing specialism

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Provided by: Coventry University

Course Area: West Midlands

Course Code: FBLT074

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20200914

Subjects: Digital Marketing

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic” – Seth Godin, author and former dot com business executive.


Marketing is at the heart of all business. In essence it should be about designing products and services which meet needs and wants, based on good quality research and market testing.


How these goods and services are transferred to the market is becoming more complex, where pricing, advertising and the development of an attractive brand is ever more challenging in a global world shaped by rapid change. To do these things efficiently and effectively, leadership and a capacity to act and think strategically is required.


The master’s stage of the course requires participants to take these principles into specific practice contexts in order to initiate change. The emphasis throughout the course is on the application of knowledge and your development as a reflective practitioner.


The aim of the course is to enhance your global perspective and emphasise the importance to managerial practice of intercultural awareness.

Who is this course for

This course is designed to develop and improve your existing knowledge, skills and experience, which in turn acts as a platform to help you succeed as an innovative business leader.

What will I learn

During this course, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a broad and holistic view of how businesses operate, including the impact of the external environment. You will look at an organisation from a different perspective: the organisation as a learning entity made up of individuals, as a combination of inter-related processes focused on adding value, and as a financial entity focused on creating monetary returns.


You will focus on exploring the role of a manager as a strategic leader and the role managers play in organisations to develop and adapt to environment changes. As part of this course you will be required to develop approaches and solutions to work-based problems which are innovative and creative, developing the ability to be entrepreneurial in your professional practice.


MBA with Marketing specialism aims to develop your pre-existing skills, experience or interest in marketing and management, covering topics such as ethical practice and cultural sensitivity. The MBA seeks to develop participants to become managers and organisational leaders who have an in-depth understanding of, not only how a modern enterprise creates value, but how value can be sustained.

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