/Financial Technology (FinTech) MSc 2019/20 Entry

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Provided by: Coventry University

Course Area: London

Course Code: LONT042

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20200914

Subjects: Fintech

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

On the MSc Financial Technology (FinTech) course, you will learn how to navigate the ever-changing world of FinTech – a world fuelled by constant technological advancements and cutting-edge innovations.


By the time you graduate, you’ll have been given the chance to learn everything you need to start a prosperous career in financial technology – equipped with a fundamental skillset that is in high demand in the FinTech industry. Not only should you have a strong understanding of traditional finance and IT programming (such as Python), but also a well-balanced critical awareness of macroeconomic, ethical and regulatory constraints and knowledge of the hottest industry trends.


In your second semester, you will be given the choice between two ‘pathways’ – Innovation and Enterprise and Quantitative Finance. Innovation and Enterprise will give you a chance to develop your leadership and management skills, which will be vital if you choose to start your own FinTech company. Quantitative Finance is for anyone who wishes to focus on the more financial and technical aspects of the industry.

Who is this course for

The course is perfect for any student looking for a master’s level FinTech course which is not only focused on technical computing/software engineering, but also incorporates elements of entrepreneurship, innovation, regulation, marketing and business strategy.

What will I learn

The course is designed to imitate the high-pressure environment of a career in FinTech. It offers a mixture of soft and hard skills, which are explored through individual and group projects. These projects reflect real-life situations, challenging you to come up with practical solutions to theoretical problems. It also features valuable technical skills which will be vital in your career – including data analytics, Python programming and Artificial Intelligence.



  • FinTech Landscape and Transformations in Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Business Analytics and Python Programming
  • Risk & RegTech
  • Empirical Finance and Accounting Research Methods
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance
  • FinTech Innovation and Enterprise pathway (option 1)
  • FinTech Quantative Finance pathway (option 2)
  • Final Term Project Options (without Extended Professional Practice)
  • Extended Professional Practice
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