/Electrical Automotive Engineering MSc

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Provided by: Coventry University

Course Area: West Midlands

Course Code: EECT007

Course Type: Masters (taught)

Start date: 20200914

Subjects: Engineering

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

This postgraduate course on Electrical Automotive Engineering aims to provide the expertise required to meet the modern transportation market demands. Carefully planned, it consists of a balanced mix between electric power, electronics and communications. Our vision is to create experienced and specialised engineers who will be highly sought after by the electrical automotive engineering market.


As the area of Electrical Automotive Engineering is under continuous development by manufacturers, industry and academia, it is necessary to enhance this MSc course with strong research elements and deliver a research- oriented teaching and culture. For this purpose, academics and professionals from overseas and other UK institutions are invited to deliver seminars and lectures on timely research topics and advancements in the area of Electrical Automotive Engineering. Furthermore, the students will benefit from research-oriented individual projects and will be encouraged to participate in National and International Conferences and Workshops to present their works.


The delivery of this course will consist of a balance between theory, simulations and laboratory testing creating an ideal teaching and learning environment. The aim is to cultivate not only a strong foundation in electrical automotive engineering but also critical and original thinking. For this purpose, our students will benefit from our high level teaching environment and infrastructure, practical hands on laboratory equipment and specialised modern simulation tools adopted by industry nowadays. The teaching activities are partially industry and research focused to motivate and promote engineering development and originality among our students.

Who is this course for

This course aims to educate graduates, typically from a mechanical/automotive engineering background, in the modern area of electrical automotive engineering and provides a valuable qualification for this growing and expanding market.


Graduates in electrical and electronic engineering, computer hardware and software engineering and other related technical subjects such as mathematics or physics would also have the required background to study this course and re-focus their know-how in automotive technology.

What will I learn

The MSc Electrical Automotive Engineering seeks to provide a post-graduate education covering the main theoretical and practical aspects of the field. The overall aim of the MSc Electrical Automotive Engineering is to provide:


  • Deep and comprehensive understanding of the current electric/hybrid electric vehicles technology, concepts and challenges;
  • Develop academic and practical skills in electric power related areas such as electrical machines and drives, power electronics and batteries covering all aspects of the vehicle’s power train.
  • Develop a solid background on vehicle electronics, signal processing and communications needs and challenges.


This course aims to educate graduates from a mechanical/automotive background in the modern area of electrical automotive engineering and provide a valuable qualification for this growing and expanding market. Moreover, graduates from Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Computer and Hardware Engineering will have the opportunity to specialise and focus their know-how in the automotive technology.

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