/Digital Design Consultancy BA (Hons)

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Provided by: Coventry University

Course Area: West Midlands

Course Code: I153

Course Type: Degree (Honours)

Start date: 20200914

Subjects: Digital Education

Price: Over £10,000

Delivery Method: Blended

Course overview

Digital Design Consultants (DDCs) work with individual clients and businesses to determine what will boost their engagement and revenue. The multi-skilled digital design consultant will then craft those digital products, creating dynamic campaigns for their clients.


This course has been designed in conjunction with employers to meet the demands of the digital design industry and the need for DDCs to be agile producers of the future. To that end, those who successfully graduate will obtain a BA (Hons) Digital Design Consultancy in two years. This allows for a quicker route into industry, the possibility for less financial aid and the ability to apply your contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge to the workplace faster.


Digital Design Consultancy is a practical multimedia course that spans design, video, web marketing and animation disciplines.


Digital Design Consultants (DDCs) use their expertise of social media, media design, marketing and advertising, alongside good professional business practice, to advise clients about how to generate engaging material, such as animations, digital and printed promotional branding, and video productions to aid in their client’s business growth.


The independent learning focus embedded within the course will give future DDCs the confidence to produce the best quality deliverables for their clients, using the latest portable media equipment and digital technologies. Students are encouraged to think and act quickly, be creators and make products for their clients that inspire customers to invest.

Who is this course for

The course also offers students the opportunity to undertake an accelerated degree programme with students completing six modules per year, allowing them to graduate in two years instead of the usual three; this permits students to maximise their graduate employment success by entering the market place earlier, should this be preferred.

What will I learn

  • Independent research and exploration – students will learn the key skills needed to interrogate briefs and develop digital design solutions that meet the needs of clients through sophisticated research techniques.
  • Visual literacy – the course will help students develop an understanding of modern design and the way that imagery and animation can be impactful.
  • Practical and creative studio techniques – in preparation for a career as a Digital Design Consultant, students will apply the techniques used in a variety of creative situations to problems as part of their practical work.
  • Collaboration and teamwork – students will learn the essential skills needed to work as part of a team, including drawing on other resources and team members.
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