/Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science

Provided by: Birkbeck

Course Area: London

Course Code: TBA

Course Type: PGCert

Start date: 20211004

End date: 20220731

Subjects: Coding, Data Analytics, Data Science, Project, Python, Software Engineering

Price: £2,000 to £6,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

Students will gain broad knowledge of computer science, data science and software engineering, and acquire practical problem-solving and analytical skills, while also having the opportunity to investigate certain areas of current research more deeply. For students who are new to the subject, the programme provides a foundation for a career in the IT industry as a data scientist or analyst; for those already working in IT, it provides an opportunity to strengthen and update their knowledge and skills in the areas of data analytics while obtaining a formal qualification.

Who is this course for

We welcome applicants without traditional entry qualifications as we base decisions on our own assessment of qualifications, knowledge and previous work experience.

What will I learn

  • Demystifying Computing with Python: This module covers the fundamental concepts and techniques of programming with Python and how to apply them to perform simple data science methods. Students develop the core skills and expertise needed by information professionals, for example using Python to implement programs and to interface with different data sources. Students will also develop data science skills as the course will introduce basic algorithms such as those needed for searching and sorting data sets. During the labs, students will work with case studies to realise the potential of Python for data analytics. The module will show students how to use Python to solve practical problems based on use cases extracted from real domains.


  • Analytic Tools for Information Professionals: This module covers the fundamental concepts and techniques of data science with Python, demonstrating how to apply these in order to process and visualise datasets. The module will cover tools such as database systems (SQL), data analytics techniques using machine learning models and key Python libraries for applied data science. During the labs, students will work on case studies to apply data analytics to real-world problems.


  • Work-Based Project for Information Professionals: The work-based module provides students with an opportunity to work in an area of data science in depth and to develop a piece of software to address a work-based project need. The module will bring together the different skills developed from the other modules and will serve as a basis for bridging the academic contexts taught and work-based requirements for implementing a project.
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