/BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Provided by: Aston University

Course Area: West Midlands

Course Code: I190

Course Type: Degree (Honours)

Start date: 20210901

End date: 20250731

Subjects: Computer Science, Cryptography, Cyber Security, Human Computer Interactions, Javascript, Networks, Networks and Security

Accredited by: BCS

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course Overview

The government has identified a shortage in qualified graduates in the area of cyber-security, calling it a ‘national vulnerability that must be resolved’ in its National Cyber-security Strategy.

This new programme will address this growing skills gap by training you in the identification and mitigation of security threats. Gain the necessary technical knowledge and software engineering skills to ensure that organisations can keep their business and customers safe.

The practical orientation of our programme, and industry input, will enable you to gain the range of professional skills you will need to start a career in cyber-security. Throughout the course, you will develop expertise in cyber-security and the key applications of computing science in each year of the programme. Particular emphasis is placed on applications in industry and commerce. You will focus on a range of topics including security management, designing secure systems and human factors in security.

You will spend your third year in a paid professional placement of direct relevance to your studies. This placement will give you invaluable practical experience in a real work environment and will further enhance your career prospects. Our staff will help you find a suitable placement and support you during your year.


You will benefit from our range of teaching methods and learning styles including: lectures, seminars and small group discussions, lab exercises and practical classes, computer-aided learning, individual and group projects.


Assessment will be through a combination of written and oral examinations, class tests, individual and group coursework, projects, presentations and practical assessments.

Who is this course for

This course is suitable for those wishing to pursue a career requiring a sound understanding of the principles and practical applications of computing. The majority of our Computer Science graduates find stimulating and rewarding positions in computing related activities with suppliers and users or within a wide range of careers for which a university degree is a prerequisite.

What will I learn

Much of the first stage is in line with the rest of Aston’s Computer Science courses to give you a firm grounding in general principles in computing. As you move into the second stage there is a greater number of modules focused on cyber security. When you move onto the third stage you will then have a range of optional modules allowing you to choose those that are of most interest to you or most relevant to the specialisms you wish to follow.


The content is sufficiently technical to enable you to work effectively in a cyber security environment but it also looks very much at the human and environmental aspects of cyber security, which are fundamental to cyber security practice

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