/Computer Science BSc (Hons)

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Provided by: Aston University

Course Area: West Midlands

Course Code: G400

Course Type: Degree (Honours)

Start date: 20210914

End date: 20240630

Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Human Computer Interactions, Javascript, Project, Software Engineering, Web Applications

Accredited by: BCS

Price: £6,000 to £10,000

Delivery Method: Face to face

Course overview

You will develop expertise in software development and the key applications of computing science in each year of the programme. Particular emphasis is placed on applications in industry and commerce.


Your final-year project and options will enable you to follow specialisms of particular interest or career relevance. Your project could be based on a topic from an extensive list or you can suggest your own, perhaps based on your professional placement.


Aston University’s BSc (Hons) Computer Science degrees are accredited for Chartered IT Professional (CITP), the British Computer Society’s Chartered qualification. This gives students the right to join the BCS – the principal organisation for IT professionals in the UK – when they graduate.  Accreditation shows that the BCS consider the courses are up to date, are based on benchmarks, and assessed appropriately.

Who is this course for

For those wanting a rewarding career in the digital sector prospects continue to be strong for our computer scientists with their sound understanding of the principles and practical applications of computing.


The majority of our graduates find stimulating and rewarding positions in computing related activities with suppliers and users or within a wide range of careers for which a university degree is a prerequisite e.g. programmer, systems analyst, systems engineer or teacher.

What will I learn

Year 1

  • Information Systems and Databases
  • Computational Reasoning and Communication
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Internet Computing
  • Mathematics for Computing Professionals
  • Java Programming Foundations (CS)
  • Java Program Development
  • Computer Systems Organisation

Year 2

  • Team Project
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Language Concepts
  • Computer Graphics
  • Professional and Social Aspects of Computing
  • Operating Systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Data Structures and Algorithms with Java
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Applications and Techniques

Year 3 – Optional placement year

  • EAS Study Placement Year
  • EAS Industrial Placement Year
  • EAS Study/Work Placement Year

Final Year

Core modules:

  • Individual Project
  • Information Security
  • Testing and Reliable Software Engineering
  • Software Project Management

Optional modules:

  • Computer Animation
  • Mobile Design and Development
  • Enterprise Application Technology
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Multimedia Information Retrieva
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Multi Agent Systems
  • Interaction Design
  • Data Mining
  • Game Development
  • Enterprise Computing Strategies
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Computational Intelligence
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